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P-1 Fact Sheet

P-1 Visas For Group Entertainers


Eligibility: Persons who perform as part of a group at an internationally recognized level of performance (P-1A); or a person who performs with or is an integral part of an entertainment group that has been recognized internationally as being outstanding for a sustained and substantial period of time (P-1B), and in the case of a performer, has had a sustained and substantial relationship with the group over a period of at least one year. Spouses and children under age 21 can come as P-4s

Need to Prove:

  1. Internationally recognized. This means a degree of skill and recognition substantially above that ordinarily encountered, to the extent such achievement is renowned, leading or well- known in more than one country.

  2. The group must be at least 2 people

  3. That the group seeks to enter temporarily and solely for a purpose of performing in a competition, event, or performance.

  4. That each applicant has a foreign residence that he/she does not intend to abandon.

Evidence Required:

  1. Copy of written contract between foreign national or group and U.S. sponsor.

  2. Copy of awards, media coverage, reviews or expert opinion to prove the degree of skill and recognition, and that the group has been internationally recognized for a sustained and substantial period of time.

  3. Proof that at least 75% of the members of the group seeking P-1 visas have had sustained and substantial relationship with the group for at least one year.

  4. Information (brochures, guides, media packets, etc) about the group; list of members and dates employed.

  5. Consultation from Labor Organization. It is mandatory that all P visa petitions include a "Consultation" from the appropriate Labor Organization (Union), which can be in the form of a letter addressed to the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service in which the Union states it has no objection to the petition being approved. In the alternative, the Union letter can state that it agrees that the foreign national seeking a P visa does in fact have the qualifications necessary to perform the job, and also comment on the qualifications of the foreign national workers. If no labor organization exists, the sponsor can state this fact. 

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